How to pass our tests

Dear friends! If you have no idea how to pass our tests, but nevertheless you want to understand how this is done and develop your extrasensory perception, then here is something that will help you a little. Psychic information and sensations come to a person as in the usual case through various channels. This may be sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, but the object of interaction may be located outside the zone of ordinary action of these feelings, both in space and in time. The information channel can also work, while the information enters your mind, just like a melody or a book that you download from the Internet to your smartphone. In our tests, as a rule, you will deal with photos of people, animals, places and any other objects. Try to mentally ask a question to the object. The very first information that has arisen in your mind may turn out to be correct (it is important here not to connect analytical analysis). Listen to the sensations that you have. Make a conclusion and feel free to answer questions. Remember, the result is achieved by training!